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"Thank you for this book.  I'm 62 and had given up on ever being a Size 8 again. Then I read this book and lost 26 pounds in a matter of months.  I wasn't even really hungry because my body was satisfied.  Best of all, I have no doubt I'll keep it off this time!"

--Evelyn W., Huntsville, AL



"Boy, could I relate to this story, right down to the Jack LaLanne living room workouts!  And sauna belts!  Hah hah!!  Also remember the 'Drinking Man's Diet,' which my mom and dad tried.  I like the author's individualized approach...makes so much more sense than the latest diet fad, whatever it may be.  This book has a LOT of common sense, which is what I think I've needed all along."

--Louella O., Albuquerque, NM



"Since I started listening to my body, I don't have cravings anymore.  That means I'm in control."

--Julie R., Yakima, WA



"The chapter on weighing and scales almost made me cry, it hit so close to home.  But it helped me get a grip on how stupid my scale phobia had been.  I now weigh every day and actually look forward to it."

--Heidi C., Gig Harbor, WA



"The section at the end that's for!  I had to sort of trick my hubby into reading it.  I've never been able to say those things to him myself, but I  am glad someone else has!  He sort of chuckled (nervously) when he read it, but I could tell he was taking it to heart."

--Jaylynn J., Wenatchee, WA



"Like the author, I once had a job where I was required to maintain a certain weight standard, and the stigma of gaining a few pounds was awful.  When I quit the job, I really gained a lot of weight and stayed heavy for 25 years.  Last year I found this e-book and read it.  My life changed.  For the first time, I decided to change my eating habits FOR MY OWN BENEFIT, not someone else's.  I listened to my stomach, ate what IT wanted, and started losing weight.  I now weigh less than I did when I was working.  I never even thought I could be this small and healthy.  Anyone who's ever thought about giving up on losing weight should read this book!"

--Cyndi S., Chippewa Falls, WI





Paperback edition:  $11.95

E-book edition:  $2.99

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